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We have been in the hide and glove business for over 27 years. Trading top quality deerskin gloves and mittens are our specialty. Come on over, drop off your hides, look around at our glove supply. I am sure you can find the gloves made just for you. Several styles in all sizes are available including work, dress, snowmobile, hunting and motorcycle gloves both lined and unlined. Here at Seley Hides, make a phone call or e-mail us or stop over, most nights we are in the hide shed but it is best to call ahead to confirm.

Deer hides must be brought in fresh, frozen or salted as warm weather will cause them to spoil. We can also trade your hides for gloves or mittens. Fur traders come in from all directions to either sell their hides or trade for high quality made gloves of all sizes.

**Now Buying Beef Hides**

Gloves starting at $6. or trade for hide



    Seley Hides also tans furs and sells new and used traps.    
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